Versatile & Beautiful

Each tube is made with our LED Tape to cast the highest quality light—ready for demands of a feature film. We pair these tubes with our system of high-speed DMX decoders and ready-built cables for rapid installation.

These tubes are easy to set up and look fantastic for a wide variety of uses.

How it Works

We work with you to determine the perfect system for your set or event.  Tubes are grouped to their respective DMX-compatible power stations so that you have control over color and brightness to bring your project to life.

Our pre-built cables and splitters can break down control to the individual channel of each tube, or tubes can be wired as pairs for even faster deployment.

Standard Lengths & Custom

Our tube system is produced in our  Vancouver and Toronto locations, where we have on hand a large inventory of ready-to-go lights in standard sizes.

If the installation doesn’t suit our standard tube lengths, we have the ability to build tubes to fit a set perfectly with any style from our line of LED Tape.

We have not quite 4 ft tubes available if you’re looking to have the tubes fit between the tombstones on a standard fluorescent fixture and have several other non-standard measurements available in limited quantities

Indoor / Outdoor

Our tube system is weather-resistant and ready to install on commercial sets for a day, or standing events for months. Each tube has options to be able to mount magnetically to any steel structure, or be screwed down onto wooden backing, allowing layout to be fast, accurate, and replaceable for maximum up-time and evolving requirements.

How They’ve Been Used

You might have already seen some of our tubes in a production without even knowing.  They blend seamlessly into the built environment, or can be the focal-point calling attention to a brand or scene like nothing else.

See how they've been used