Mark’s – Reclaim The Outdoors

This is a great example of a simple but stunning use of our tubes. As you can see from the artist’s rendering below, we were able to perfectly create the director’s vision for this commercial and bring it to life. With some generators in the woods and great team, the tube install only took a couple of hours to complete. We had a lot of fun doing this.

Nintendo Switch Play to Win

For the Nintendo Switch Play to Win commercial, we set up our rental tubes on location in Vancouver. RGBW tubes along with our decoders were set up to quickly give life and color to the set of this high-energy advert. There are a variety of installation methods we use depending on the duration of a shoot, and construction of a set; in this rented location shoot our magnet clips could quickly arrange tubes along the steel beams without modifications, and a suspended frame could position the central white lighting.