Wireless dimming for the civilised age

Flip the script on wireless dimming

With a plethora of features that transform a chore into a breeze, Pager will keep you in control while also keeping you connected. 6 channels of powerful dimming with a combined 16A total current draw means no matter the job Pager can keep up. Need to power a high output Sci-fi COB blaster? Fantasy RGBWA rainbow fire? Bi-colour pads in a car? Pager is the tool for the job

Interface GameChanger

Pager features a high contrast OLED display with an incredibly intuitive 3 button interface. Gone are the days of cryptic LED flashes, DMX levels to set addresses, or paperclip button presses. It just makes sense.

Huge Power From a Tiny Package

Pager can sustain a massive 16A total system output. With 6 dedicated amps per channel, Pager will always keep you with you.

Our Greatest Strength

View a live feed of your signal strength at any time. The times of surprise disconnections, and ruined takes are over!

Wireless Wonder

Integrated CRMX transceiver brings industry leading connectivity to the palm of your hand. Unlike other devices, the module is fully configurable with the built in interface.

Integrated CRMX DMX module, with realtime signal strength view.

Large high contrast 0.91” OLED remains readable even in the most challenging conditions.

This Industry standard connector keeps power flowing while maintaining flexibility in the field.

Tech Specifications

Product Code


Product Series



12-48V DC

Current Per Pin


Current Total







9 x 4.5 x 2cm / 3.5 x 1.8 x 0.8 inch


58g / 0.1lbs

Power Connector

Screw Terminals

Data Protocol