LED Strips

The LED Lighting Cornerstone

The Better Way to light any build.

Our wide selection of LED strips offer the ultimate combination of versatility and industry leading brightness. Our LED strips have been trusted by some of the largest productions to make their lighting dreams a reality.

You Want It?
We Have It!

No matter what you require, we have you covered! Single Color strips, perfect for effects and lighting gags. Bi-Color strips with industry leading brightness and 95+ CRI. RGB-2BI that offers maximum flexibility of color in the smallest footprint possible.

Cut to The Chase

Conveniently close cuts means maximum modularity!

Certified Safety

Our LED Strips are UL rated, and meticulously designed with reliability and safety in mind.

Power Up

Our industry leading DMX Decoders and high quality Power Supplies are the perfect pairing for our LED strips. Both come in a wide array of configurations, to best suit your specific situation.

Integrated wire tail makes setup simple.

Convenient cut lengths maximum modularity.

Large solder pads make customization easy.