OBD Decoder

The gold standard of premium LED dimming.

The industry’s best dimmers just got even better

Our line of OBD (on board display) decoders feature a large, easy to read screen with our own groundbreaking custom interface. Our OBD decoders not only allow you to configure the dimmers quickly and efficiently, but also allow you to take manual control with light profiles that take the guesswork out of setting color temperature.

Interface GameChanger

OBD decoders feature a custom built interface that takes the frustration out of device setup. No more fiddling with obtuse DIP switches, our interface is quick to navigate and makes setup a breeze.

Certified Safety

Our dimmers are UL rated, and meticulously designed with reliability and safety in mind.

Ahead of The Curve

Our most cutting edge decoders feature industry leading gamma curve correction. Perfectly match both tungsten or LED fixtures with linear or exponential dimming curves.

*Available on select models

High Speed Dimming

Cycle between 5KHz, 10KHz, 20KHz, and 30KHz frequencies at the touch of a button.

*Available on select models

Fully console controllable, with multiple powerful profiles that put you in control.

Large backlit displays remain easily readable in challenging conditions.

Industry standard screw terminals keep power flowing while maintaining flexibility in the field.