Tube System

A versatile and economical lighting ecosystem

The light solution for the job.

Our integrated tube systems make any job a breeze. Our powerful, color accurate tubes work seamlessly with our full array of waterproof cables, versatile adaptors, and compact power stations. Need something custom? We would be happy to work with you on a bespoke solution to perfectly fit your lighting needs.

Awesome Output

Our weather sealed tubes are not only highly robust, but also feature industry leading LED technology. They output light with up to 95 CRI, and feature industry leading brightness.

Color Me Impressed

Our tubes are available with a wide range of LEDs inside. Bright single color, high CRI Bi-Color, and flexible RGBW are but a few of the options we provide.

Weather Any Storm

Our weather sealed and gasketed connectors are the robust backbone of our tube system.

Power Up

Our tube system is powered by our high output power stations, which integrate a high quality power supply with our industry leading DMX decoders. Our power stations come in many different configurations, to best suit your specific situation.

Our rugged custom connectors keep power flowing even in the most challenging conditions.

Custom lengths available to fit any project requirements.

Our fully weather sealed systems keep power flowing even in the most challenging conditions.